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Financing for Businesses and Non-Profits

Welcome to Mandrcapitalmanagement.com, a website dedicated to the wealth management investment firm M&R Capital Management. Founded almost 30 years ago by CEO and owner John Maloney, today the company specializes in wealth management services for a variety of clients, including small businesses, endowments, individuals, and non-profits. Originally based in New York City, M&R Capital Management currently resides in Summit, New Jersey, where it has grown a large customer base and provides innovative investment strategies and financial advice to both local and national customers. In recent years, M&R Capital Management small business and non-profit services have have risen in popularity, as the company has become well-known for their personalized investment strategies and retirement planning. Below is an in-depth overview of these services.

Small Businesses

M&R Capital understands choosing a wealth manager for your small business can be both an important and overwhelming decision. For many small business owners, their business is their largest asset and must be handled with the utmost diligence and experience. M&R Capital recognizes this and has built a team of experienced and talented investors to ensure all M&R Capital clients know their assets are in good hands. M&R financial planners have experience with a wide variety of financial areas and are prepared to help clients with: 

– Retirement Income Planning

– Wealth Management 

– Financial Planning 

– Tax & Accounting Services 

– Investment Strategy and Management 


In the thirty years since their foundation, M&R Capital Management has worked with a variety of clients, including corporations, small businesses, individuals, and non-profits. M&R Capital understands the nuances that come with non-profit and are committed to working with our clients to develop an individual and tailored investment plan to grow assets over time. Whether it be reviewing or creating an investment policy statement and creating custom retirement plans for your employees, our experienced staff can help you create the optimal plan for your specific needs. M&R Capital Management offers the following services to its non-profit clients: 

– Asset Management – M&R Capital Management’s team of knowledgeable investors helps non-profits create targeted investment plans to meet organizational financial goals and grow assets in a long-term and sustainable manner.

– Retirement Plan – Creating a retirement plan that meets your needs while attracting and retaining talented staff can be challenging. The M&R Capital Management team works with non-profits to create custom retirement plans that meet organizational resources and will attract talented staff members.

To learn more about M&R Capital Management and their non-profit and small business services, check back into mandrcapitalmanagement.net for future updates.